Experts’ Sessions

The six experts’ sessions aimed at focused discussions on similar visual methods and a more abstract mapping of the potentials, challenges and limitations of the particular methods, drawing from the experiences of young scholars in their research projects and the expertise of respectively experienced senior scholars.

Photo Analyses

Senior Experts

John Lucaites, René Rodríguez-Ramírez & Carmen Ruiz Fischler

Young Scholars

Allison Kwesell
Fukushima Residents’ Responses to Media’s Visual Framing of the 2011 Nuclear Disaster: From Catastrophe to Recovery

Rachel Somerstein
Picturing the Past: The Berlin Wall at 25

Kathrin Karsay
Sexualization of Girls and Women in German Youth Magazines: A Visual Content Analysis for the Period from 1979 to 2013

Ieva Zakareviciute
Visual Methods as Tools for Gauging Advertising Effects: A Semiotic Analysis of Print Advertisements Promoting Organic Foods

Visual Ethnographies

Senior Experts

Giorgia Aiello & Robert Hariman

Young Scholars

Murdoch Stephens
From the Repressive to the Honorific? Ethics, Photography and the Anjirak Afghan Archive

Sandra Ristovska
The Salience of Video in Human Rights Law: Setting Up Visual Legal Standards

Visual Elicitation

Senior Experts

Paul Frosh & Alexander Cancio

Young Scholars

David Staton
“Creating” Colorado’s Landscape: Mountains, Myth and Movement in the Visual Rhetoric of the Centennial State

George Anghelcev
Using Image Elicitation and Metaphor Analysis to Reveal Cross-Cultural Differences in Perceptions of Climate Change: Implication for Environmental Communication

Jessica N. Larsen
Participant-Driven Photo Elicitation: The Visual Communication of Dining Culture

Alyea Sandovar
It’s in the Visual: Game Designers Perceptions of Culture

Participatory Visual Research

Senior Expert

Carlos Acevedo

Young Scholars

Brian Ekdale
Industrial Reflexivity and Participatory Paratexuality: Methodological Opportunities for Visual Studies in Media Production Research

Melinda R. Weathers
Using Photovoice to Communicate Abuse: A Co-Cultural Analysis of Communication Factors Related to Digital Dating Abuse

Experimental Visual Research

Senior Expert

Marion G. Müller

Young Scholars

Tom Powell
Visual Framing Effects: The Effects of Image-Text Relations in International Affairs News

Michael Sülflow
Directing or Distracting? The Influence of RTR Measurement and Task Allocation on Gaze Behavior

Carie Cunningham
Intense Visual: Communicating Sustainable Food Practices Through Evoking Arousal

Ozen Bas
Is A Picture Worth a Thousand Words? The Potential of Protest Photographs for Galvanizing Citizens to Collective Action

Minh Hao Nguyen
Tailoring Online Health Information to Older Adults’ Mode Preferences to Increase Information Recall and Website Satisfaction

Audiovisual Analyses

Senior Experts

Mary Bock & Luis Rosario Albert

Young Scholars

Julie Escurignan
Once Upon A Time: The Adaptation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales in the Eponymous Television Series

Eva Boller
Visual War Frames. How Was the War in Libya Presented in TV News?

Quintarrius Shakir
Applying Conversation Analysis (CA) and Ethnographic Content Analysis (ECA) to Dysfunctional Conflict in Reality Television

Yue Zheng
Framing Teen Smoking in Chinese Movies from 1978 to 2005: A Visual Narrative Analysis

Michael Grimm
Representation and Reception of Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Television. An Audiovisual Framing Analysis of Medical Uncertainty

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